Kurdistan Christians Protest Iraq's Ruling Against Quota Seats
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Kurdistan Christians Protest Iraq's Ruling Against Quota Seats

ERBIL — The Christian community in the town of Ainkawa in Erbil province on Monday took to the streets protesting the recent ruling of Iraq's Supreme Federal Court that abolished quota seats at Kurdistan parliament.

Some leaders representing the Turkmen community in the Kurdistan Region also joined the protestors to voice their discontent, and protest against the federal court verdict that ruled Kurdistan parliament's quota seats are "unconstitutional."

Protestors chanted slogans, and held banners that read: "Christians are in great danger because of the unconstitutional and unjust decision of the Federal Court."

One of the banners also read: "The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) failed the test of coexistence and human rights," referring to the party's alleged role in Iraq's top court ruling against the parliamentary seats allocated for ethnic and religious components living in the Kurdistan Region.

In February, Iraq's Supreme Federal Court ruled that quota seats in Kurdistan Region's parliament were "unconstitutional." The move has since sparked outrage among the Christian, Turkmen, and Armenian communities in Kurdistan.

These quota seats were enshrined in a law passed by the Region's parliament in 1990s to ensure an inclusive legislature that reflects all voices irrespective of their ethnic or religious background.


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