Iranian Border Guards Kill Kurdish Kolber in Saqqez
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Iranian Border Guards Kill Kurdish Kolber in Saqqez

ERBIL — Iranian border patrol forces on Sunday fired upon a number of Kurdish Kolbers near Saqqez city, killing one of them, according to a rights group.

Ali Zarghami was 52 years of age and father of three children. He was from the city of Takab, but resided in Saqqez city. He was shot dead by Iranian border guards near Meshaw area in Saqqez city, Hengaw Organization for Human Rights reported today.

Recent shooting incidents highlight the ongoing challenges faced by Kurdish Kolbers, mainly living in economically disadvantaged Iranian Kurdish cities.

Engaging in cross-border cargo transport, Kolbers endure harsh winter conditions and are frequently targeted in shootings at border crossings.

In February of this year alone, Hengaw reported that at least four Kolbers were killed and 63 others wounded after Iranian border guards had opened fire on them while transporting goods across the border between Iran and the Kurdistan Region.

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