Kurdistan Election Set for Late May: IHEC
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Kurdistan Election Set for Late May: IHEC

ERBIL — Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced that the long-awaited parliamentary elections in the Kurdistan Region are scheduled between May 19 and May 30. 

The decision comes after repeated delays, initially due to disagreements among political parties over election laws.

Originally set for October 2022, the elections were postponed to November of the following year. However, a court ruling against the self-extension of the Kurdistan parliament prompted further postponement to February 2024 under the supervision of the Iraqi Electoral Commission.

The IHEC confirmed that the Kurdistan Region’s leaders are tasked with appointing the new election date as the previously scheduled date cannot be met.

Over two million citizens in the Kurdistan Region are eligible to vote in the upcoming elections. Despite mounting domestic and international criticism for the delays, the Iraqi government allocated nearly 70 billion dinars to the IHEC to oversee the Kurdistan Region’s poll, removing another obstacle to the controversial vote’s progress.

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