Secret Executions in Nasiriyah Prison Raise Concerns
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Secret Executions in Nasiriyah Prison Raise Concerns

ERBIL — An Iraqi security source said on Wednesday that a series of secret and unannounced executions were carried out in the Nasiriyah prison, also known as the Huut prison, over the past two months.

The executions, which were not made public or reported by the media, signal a concerning shift in the handling of death penalty cases.

The undisclosed executions took place as a seemingly deliberate attempt to avoid public and media scrutiny, as well as potential international criticism. The new approach contrasts with previous practices that often triggered widespread debate and condemnation.

The majority of those executed in Nasiriyah prison were individuals sentenced to death during the tenure of the first and second governments of Nouri al-Maliki (2006-2014) and amid the 2014-2017 conflict against the Islamic State (IS).

The total number of individuals sentenced to death in Iraq exceeds 17,000, with a significant portion of them remaining on death row for years.

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