KRG Expresses Concerns Over Baghdad's Policies and Salary Crisis
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KRG Expresses Concerns Over Baghdad's Policies and Salary Crisis

ERBIL — Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Spokesperson Peshwa Hawramani provided insights into the ongoing challenges faced by the KRG and its strained relationship with the federal government in Baghdad.

Hawramani pointed out that a KRG delegation had been set to visit Baghdad on December 13, but that it was postponed. However, he expressed optimism that after the New Year's holiday, the delegation would explore alternative approaches to address the pressing issues between the two regions.

Expressing concern over the current deal between Erbil and Baghdad, Hawramani asserted that the agreement “lacks compatibility with the constitution and lacks any foundation in religion, democratic principles, or human rights.” He criticized the federal government for showing a lack of strong intention to resolve the ongoing salary crisis in the Kurdistan Region, impacting citizens' livelihoods.

Acknowledging the wider impact of the Gaza war on the Middle East, Hawramani linked the recent attack on Erbil airport to the war and longstanding animosity against the Kurdistan Region. Despite these challenges, he commended the efforts of Kurdistan's institutions in safeguarding the region.

Moreover, the KRG spokesperson addressed the ongoing struggle to maintain educational continuity in the face of financial constraints imposed by Baghdad. Despite efforts to prevent disruptions, the spokesperson highlighted the limited stability in the government's ability to counteract Baghdad's “oppression”, especially concerning salary cuts for teachers and employees.

The spokesperson reiterated accusations of unjust treatment by the federal government towards the Kurdistan Region and its citizens. He emphasized the lack of implementation of agreements by the Iraqi side, warning that the patience of the Kurdistan Region is “wearing thin”.

Hawramani shed light on the internal income of the Kurdistan Region, noting that the government managed 300 billion dinars in November. However, he clarified that this does not translate to the entire amount being at the disposal of the government, as a significant portion is allocated for essential services such as health, electricity, water, and municipalities. Despite financial challenges, the KRG offered 320 billion dinars to Baghdad, intending to allocate the funds for salaries, administration, and other regional needs.

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