Kurdistan to Export Honey Abroad After Pomegranate and Potato Success
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Kurdistan to Export Honey Abroad After Pomegranate and Potato Success

ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani unveiled plans to export the region's honey to international markets in a video released on Wednesday. Building on the success of exporting pomegranates and potatoes, the Prime Minister personally supervised the honey export process, anticipating entry into markets in Canada and Europe.

Prime Minister Barzani emphasized the region's commitment to diversifying the economy and supporting agriculture, recognizing the superior quality of Kurdistan honey. The ninth cabinet's vision involves reducing dependence on oil revenues and actively engaging the private sector to enhance the export process within the Kurdistan Region.

After rigorous testing in UAE laboratories, Kurdistan honey has earned global recognition for its exceptional quality. With a 2022 production nearing 1,100 tons, efforts are underway to meet external demand, aligning with the ninth cabinet's goals to further diversify the region's economy and decrease reliance on oil revenues.

Collaborations with local private sector companies are driving marketing initiatives for Kurdistan honey. Major purchasers, including Carrefour-Iraq, Talabat Iraq, and international buyers like Qatar, have already made substantial commitments. Ongoing discussions with the UAE and Jordan indicate a sustained interest in receiving Kurdistan honey exports.

Razgar Hamad, an advisor in the Ministry of Agriculture, underscored Kurdistan honey's triumph in international competitions, particularly in France, Italy, Greece, and Saudi Arabia. The honey's exceptional quality, characterized by its color, aroma, taste, and low sugar content below world standards, positions Kurdistan favorably for future expansion into global markets. Continuous efforts are underway to broaden export reach into additional European countries.

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