Blair Foresees Global Impact from MEPS23 Deliberations
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Blair Foresees Global Impact from MEPS23 Deliberations

ERBIL — Former United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair underlined the profound international significance of the Middle East Peace and Security Forum, emphasizing that its discussions transcend the forum's boundaries to resonate on an international scale potentially.

Blair, unable to attend the conference in person, conveyed his insights via a video message, highlighting the pivotal timing of the forum amid the current global landscape and escalating regional conflicts following the Hamas-Israel conflict.

Speaking to a diverse audience of politicians, pundits, and scholars, which included Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani and Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, Blair delved into the contemporary state of global politics.

He underscored the emergence of a multipolar global order, noting active competition for influence among major hegemons, prominently mentioning China and the United States concerning the Middle East dynamics.

Commencing on Monday in Duhok, the forum is scheduled for a two-day duration and will focus on urgent matters in the Middle East and Iraq. The event is drawing attendance from hundreds of politicians, political analysts, and researchers.

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