KRG Interior Minister Decries Deprivation of Kurdish Self-Determination
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KRG Interior Minister Decries Deprivation of Kurdish Self-Determination

ERBIL — Rebar Ahmad, the Interior Minister of the Kurdistan Region, was among the panelists addressing the Middle East Peace and Security Forum held in Duhok, criticizing the deprivation of Kurdish self-determination in the region.

During the forum, the minister underscored the underlying causes behind the sectarian, religious, and ethnic conflicts prevalent in the Middle East. He asserted that historical hegemonic rivalries, particularly pre and post-world wars, were driven by the pursuit of control over global energy supplies and material capabilities.

According to Ahmad, the relentless competition among global superpowers led to the exploitation of the region's socioeconomic and political crises. This exploitation, in turn, disrupted the power balance to favor the interests of hegemonic powers.

Rather than seeking resolutions, these powers perpetuated and administered conflicts, resulting in consequences such as the Kurdish cause and the Arab-Israeli conflicts. These, Ahmad argued, were outcomes of the neglect of balanced power relations among nations and ethnicities in the region, exacerbating territorial disputes.

Addressing the evolving global dynamics, Ahmad highlighted the ascension of China as a significant global power and described its hegemonic presence in the region as an inevitable development.

While acknowledging the economic rivalry between China and the United States, the KRG emphasized its commitment to advocating for peace, aiming to contribute to regional stability amidst these shifts.

The minister's remarks shed light on the complexities of regional conflicts, attributing them to historical power struggles and emphasizing the need for a balanced, inclusive approach toward resolving the issues plaguing the Middle East.

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