Kurdish Physician in Sweden Honored as 'Doctor of the Year'
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Kurdish Physician in Sweden Honored as 'Doctor of the Year'

ERBIL — Dr. Niaz Harini, the esteemed director and orthopedic surgeon at Hallands Sjukhus, has been recognized with the prestigious 'Doctor of the Year' award by the Swedish Medical Association in a ceremony held in Stockholm.

Acknowledging Dr. Harini's exceptional contributions, the Swedish Medical Association highlighted his role as a musculoskeletal specialist and head of the orthopedic department at Hallands Sjukhus Hospital, as reported by Sweden Today.

The annual honorary prize, bestowed upon exemplary physicians, reflects Dr. Harini's dedication to medical excellence, according to the report.

Expressing gratitude for the recognition, Dr. Harini conveyed his pleasure at receiving the award and articulated that it serves as both a source of joy and motivation to continually enhance his medical practice.

The accolade underscores Dr. Harini's commitment to advancing healthcare and highlights the significance of his role within the medical community. “This award is a pleasure for me and encourages me to improve further," Harini told the report.

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