Tobias Rahim: The Danish-Kurdish Sensation Making Waves in Europe
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Tobias Rahim: The Danish-Kurdish Sensation Making Waves in Europe

ERBIL — In the heart of Europe, Tobias Rahim, a 33-year-old Danish singer of Kurdish descent, has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences with his unique blend of Danish songs infused with Kurdish elements.

Born in 1989 in Aarhus, Denmark, to a Kurdish freedom fighter from North Kurdistan and a Danish mother, Rahim's upbringing was shaped by a blend of Danish and Kurdish cultures. His journey extended to South America and Africa during his youth, fostering a multilingual aptitude in Danish, English, and Spanish.

Despite not mastering Kurdish, Rahim proudly identifies as a Kurdish youth with a national mindset. In a media interview, he condemned the assimilation of Kurds by different regimes, expressing strong opposition to such practices.

Rahim's artistic prowess extends across singing, poetry, music, and composing. Notably, he has seamlessly integrated European, Latin, African, and Kurdish art into his work, creating a distinct and resonant sound.

His performances at major festivals, where he combines Danish songs with Kurdish words, his father's village name, and the Kurdistan flag, underscore his commitment to his Kurdish roots. The Danish and European media have closely followed Rahim's rise, with one magazine praising his ability to unite thousands in traditional Kurdish dances.

Standing at an impressive two meters and five centimeters, Rahim's artistic journey includes stints in Colombia and Ghana, where he worked as a musician and rapper, gaining recognition as the "tall white European."

In 2021, Rahim took a bold step by releasing a nude photo titled "New Scandinavian Man," illustrating his willingness to confront fears and challenges. The painting sold for DKK 34,000.

Rahim's musical repertoire includes twelve music videos and over five albums, some of which rank among Europe's best-sellers. In 2023, he performed at prestigious festivals like Northside Festival, Thunderbox, Roskilde, Smokefest, Ringstead, and Wonderfestival.

In his personal life, Rahim, who is now YouTube's most popular Danish singer and musician, shares his journey of love with Sabrina Takla, an aviation woman from a multicultural background. The couple resides in the northwest suburbs of Copenhagen with their two-year-old son.

Despite his success, Rahim remains rooted in his Kurdish identity, evident in his popular song "Kurds of Copenhagen." His impact has not gone unnoticed, with Google Denmark recognizing him as a prominent figure in the country's music scene.

As Danish journalist Christian Medhal aptly noted, "There is no artist in recent years whose works have had such an impact as Tobias Rahim." Kurdish journalist Darya Qadir expressed pride in Rahim's ability to showcase his Kurdish identity on a global stage.

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