PKK Suspected of Liquidating Senior Official in Qandil
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PKK Suspected of Liquidating Senior Official in Qandil

ERBIL — In a breaking development, undisclosed information has surfaced regarding the abduction and subsequent assassination of Rezan Jawidi, a prominent leader associated with the Free and Democratic Society of Eastern Kurdistan (KODAR).

Sources reveal that Jawidi, a member of KODAR's executive committee, was allegedly arrested by Kurdistan Democratic Party (PKK) forces in Sulaymaniyah and forcibly transported to the Qandil Mountains before being taken to Syrian Kurdistan, where he met his end in mid-2022.

Ava Today, an independent news outlet based in Syrian Kurdistan, had previously reported Jawidi's escape to Sulaimaniyah, seeking distance from the PKK and advocating for the cessation of armed conflict. However, these efforts allegedly resulted in his arrest in Sulaymaniyah and subsequent return to Qandil.

The PKK remained silent on Jawidi's status despite warnings from Ava Today, only acknowledging his demise in August 2022, attributing it to a Turkish airstrike.

Details surrounding Jawidi's murder remain shrouded in mystery, prompting speculation and questions regarding the circumstances leading to his transfer to Syria and the subsequent events leading to his death.

Critics, including Hamid Gawhari, point to Jawidi's connections with the family of Siamand Mo'ini, co-chairman of PJAK, suggesting that his departure from the PKK may have played a role in his suspicious killing in Syria.

Mahmoud Rash, a former PKK commander, raises doubts about the conflicting accounts of Jawidi's activities in Syrian Kurdistan, hinting at a possible PKK involvement in his death.

As demands for autonomy from PKK influence grow within other Kurdish parties, the circumstances surrounding Jawidi's killing add complexity to an already intricate political landscape.

With unanswered questions persisting, calls intensify for transparency and clarity. Jawidi's family is urged to seek answers from the PKK, requesting verifiable evidence, such as video documentation, to shed light on the circumstances surrounding his tragic demise.

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