Turkish Airstrikes Target PKK Vehicles Outside Erbil
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Turkish Airstrikes Target PKK Vehicles Outside Erbil

ERBIL — Turkish airstrikes hit two vehicles carrying Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fighters in Erbil province on Wednesday night, marking the latest escalation in Turkey's ongoing military campaign against the armed group.

The attacks took place in the Bejuanan and Dasni villages, located in the Sidakan district of Erbil province. While initial reports did not confirm any casualties, both vehicles were destroyed in the airstrikes.

The PKK is viewed as a "terrorist organization" by Turkey, which has been engaged in a conflict with the group for over three decades, centered around the Kurdish question in Turkey.

On Thursday, Turkey's National Defense Ministry claimed that they had "destroyed" 19 targets associated with the PKK across the Kurdistan Region.

The Counter-Terrorism Unit of the Kurdistan Region later reported that Turkish airstrikes conducted on Wednesday night in different areas of the Kurdistan Region resulted in either the death or injury of 13 PKK fighters.

One operation, carried out in the Sidakan subdistrict of Erbil, resulted in the death of nine PKK fighters after Turkish fighter jets and drones targeted their positions.

In another operation, located in the subdistricts of Shiladze and Deraluk near Amedi in the Duhok province, Turkish airstrikes killed one PKK fighter and injured three more.

Additionally, the Turkish National Intelligence Organization claimed that they had "neutralized" Sariye Atilla, a senior PKK member, in the Hakurk area of the Kurdistan Region during a separate operation on Wednesday.

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