Ten PKK Fighters Killed in Turkish Airstrikes: Kurdistan CT
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Ten PKK Fighters Killed in Turkish Airstrikes: Kurdistan CT

ERBIL — At least 13 fighters of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) were either killed or injured in Turkey's airstrikes targeting different places in the Kurdistan Region overnight, the Region’s counter-terrorism service said.

Nine PKK fighters were killed last night after Turkish fighter jets and drones bombed their positions in Erbil's Sidakan subdistrict, according to a statement released by Kurdistan's Counter-Terrorism Unit on Thursday.

In a different operation in the subdistricts of Shiladze and Deraluk near the town of Amedi in Duhok province, Turkish jets killed one PKK fighter and injured three others on Wednesday night.

Turkey's National Defense Ministry reported on Thursday that they had "destroyed" 19 targets associated with the Kurdistan Workers Party across the Kurdistan Region.

In a separate operation on Wednesday, Turkey's National Intelligence Organization claimed that they had "neutralized" a senior PKK member, Sariye Atilla, in the Hakurk area of the Kurdistan Region.

This increased Turkish military activity in the Kurdistan Region and neighboring Syria is reportedly in response to a PKK suicide attack on Ankara's national police headquarters earlier this month.

Over the past four decades, Turkey and the PKK have been engaged in a prolonged armed conflict, with significant consequences affecting various places in the Kurdistan Region. The presence of the PKK has resulted in numerous civilian casualties, the forced displacement of thousands of villagers, and the abandonment of numerous mountain resorts and valuable agricultural lands.

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