Turkey-PKK Conflict Continues to Affect Kurdistan’s Tourism Sector: Official
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Turkey-PKK Conflict Continues to Affect Kurdistan’s Tourism Sector: Official

ERBIL — The ongoing military conflict between the Turkish army and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has heavily affected the tourism sector in the Kurdistan Region, a Kurdish official said on Thursday.

PKK bases and headquarters are near the picturesque villages of Qandil Mountain and Warte area, the local population lives under the constant shadow of Turkish airstrikes, Rwanduz Mayor Ahmed Qadir told BasNews.

"The villages of Qandil Mountain and Warte district are close to the PKK bases and headquarters," Qadir noted, adding that the proximity has caused a state of fear and anxiety among the residents. Tragically, the situation has led to casualties among the local population due to Turkish bombings.

The region has witnessed a series of airstrikes throughout 2023, resulting in loss of life and property for the people living in these areas. The PKK's presence has also hindered the prosperity of numerous villages, with six of them now facing potential danger.

Despite the natural beauty of these areas, the Kurdish official pointed out that PKK activities have made it impossible for tourists to visit and enjoy these picturesque locations.

The ongoing conflict between Turkey and the PKK has far-reaching implications for many parts of the Kurdistan Region, where the PKK's presence in challenging mountainous terrain has made it a frequent target for Turkish military actions.

As a consequence, many civilian casualties have occurred, forcing villagers to abandon their homes, while vast agricultural lands remain neglected, affecting the livelihoods of the local population.

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