Duhok Hosts Agriculture Exhibition
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Duhok Hosts Agriculture Exhibition

ERBIL — The city of Duhok on Wednesday opened its 16th annual agriculture exhibition to showcase grape and honey products in the province.

The exhibition is being held at Duhok’s Family Mall, where 40 exemplary farmers will be displaying their products. The event aligns with the government's efforts to bolster the agriculture sector in the Kurdistan Region, Kurdistan 24 reported.

The current cabinet of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has made the development of key industrial sectors, especially farming and agriculture, a top priority. This strategic focus is intended to diversify revenue streams, and strengthen the overall economic foundations of Kurdistan.

Additionally, the government has shown its commitment to improving infrastructure networks, including through the construction of modern storage facilities for farmers. These efforts are part of a comprehensive plan to establish a resilient and sustainable farming and agriculture industry.

Through various other initiatives, such as addressing water scarcity challenges, introducing incentive programs, and facilitating the export of agricultural products like potatoes, pomegranates, rice, sumac, the government is actively contributing to the growth of this vital sector.


Photos: K24

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