Shelling Causes Material Damage in Duhok
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Shelling Causes Material Damage in Duhok

ERBIL — At least two shells landed in Amedi district of Duhok province, causing material damage to civilian properties, a report said.

The incident took place in Guharze village, in Dereluk, Kurdistan 24 reported, noting that the precise origin of the shells has so far remained unknown, with investigations underway to determine the source of the projectiles.

Similar events have taken place in Guharze in the past. On August 13, 2023, another projectile landed approximately 100 meters from local shops and residential buildings, causing only material damage to the area.

These repeated shelling incidents have instilled fear and anxiety among the villagers, posing a significant threat to their lives and property.

The presence of Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) fighters in border areas of the Kurdistan Region adjacent to Turkey has heightened tensions in the Region. In response, the Turkish army has periodically conducted bombardments in these areas, resulting in substantial damage to agricultural and tourist areas.

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