Bekodian Lake: The Highest in Kurdistan and Iraq
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Bekodian Lake: The Highest in Kurdistan and Iraq

ERBIL — Nestled in the Choman district of the Balakayety region in Erbil province, Bekodian Lake proudly claims the title of the highest lake in both the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Situated atop the picturesque Hasari Sakran Mountain, this remarkable lake is a marvel to behold, perched at an elevation of over 3,200 meters above sea level. Despite its challenging location and the absence of accessible roads, the allure of Bekodian Lake draws the attention of adventurous mountaineers and curious tourists.

Halgurd Chomani, an environmental and mountaineering activist in the Balakaity region, shared insights about this extraordinary natural wonder.

"Bekodian Lake is renowned for its breathtaking location and has become a sought-after destination for mountaineering groups and intrepid travelers. Despite the difficulty in reaching the lake, enthusiasts are willing to embark on a multi-hour trek through the captivating valleys and stunning landscapes of the region. I have had the privilege of ascending to the lake multiple times alongside fellow mountaineers, immersing ourselves in the beauty of the surroundings. Our most recent expedition took place just a few days ago,” he told BasNews.

Bekodian Lake stands as a testament to the remarkable natural diversity and awe-inspiring landscapes that the Kurdistan Region and Iraq have to offer, captivating the hearts and souls of those who venture to its lofty heights.

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