Syria's Assad Says Iraq's Role Crucial in Regional Arena
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Syria's Assad Says Iraq's Role Crucial in Regional Arena

ERBIL — Bashar al-Assad, president of the Syrian Regime, has underlined the crucial role of Iraq in the regional arena during a meeting with Iraqi politician and leader of the Wisdom Movement Ammar al-Hakim in Damascus.

During the meeting, Assad emphasized the historical and geographical significance of Iraq, along with its position on the regional scene, as essential to the region. He also viewed Iraq as a "twin rather than a brotherly country."

The two leaders discussed their countries' relations, political developments in the region, and the international changes affecting the Middle East.

Hakim stressed the importance of dialogue with Syria's leadership, stating that it benefits both countries and is necessary for all countries in the region. He further noted that the stability of Syria is critical to its neighboring countries, and Syria's exit from its crisis would have positive outcomes for the region.

Al-Hakim stressed the importance of improving collaboration between Baghdad and Damascus, specifically in politics and economics. He also pointed out that Syria's relevance and benefits reach beyond its borders, and fostering a more open political relationship with Syria would be advantageous for all nations in the area.

Assad's comments come as Syria and Iraq continue to deal with the aftermath of the Islamic State (IS) insurgency that swept through both countries. The fight against the IS has brought Syria and Iraq closer together in recent years, and both countries have been working to strengthen their cooperation in various fields.

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