Turkey Suspends Sulaymaniyah Airport Flights Amid PKK Activities
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Turkey Suspends Sulaymaniyah Airport Flights Amid PKK Activities

ERBIL — Turkey has announced the closure of its airspace to flights to and from the Kurdistan Region's Sulaymaniyah airport from April 3 to June 3, citing increased activities by the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in the region.

In a statement released by Tanju Bilgic, a spokesperson of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, it was revealed that the decision was taken as the Kurdish armed group allegedly intensified its activities in the Sulaymaniyah province, and also "threatened" flight security.

The closure, effective from April 3, means that all aircraft scheduled to use Sulaymaniyah International Airport for landing and take-off will be affected. The move is expected to remain in place until July 3 and will be subject to ongoing review in light of closely monitored developments, as reported by state media Anadolu Agency.

Turkey views the PKK and groups affiliated with the Kurdish party as a "terrorist organization", and it continues to target its positions and members in different areas of Iraq and Syria.

The two sides are in a decades-long military conflict over the Kurdish question in Turkey. Ankara has previously taken similar actions against Sulaymaniyah for the same reasons.

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