Two Iraqi Soldiers Injured in IS Mortar Attack South of Kirkuk
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Two Iraqi Soldiers Injured in IS Mortar Attack South of Kirkuk

ERBIL — Islamic State (IS) militants on Tuesday night targeted an outpost of the Iraqi Army forces with mortars in south of the disputed Kurdish province of Kirkuk. 

Local sources told BasNews that multiple mortars were fired at the outpost in Chobghan area of Daquq district and left two soldiers with serious injuries. 

The soldiers were rushed to a hospital and they are said to be in a stable condition. 

IS remains highly active in the areas known as the disputed territories between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. The militants of the group carry out regular terrorist attacks not only against the security forces, but also the civilians in the region. 

Also on Tuesday, Iraq security forces said they had foiled a suicide bombing planned to target an Ashura ceremony in Diyala province. 

The militant wearing an explosive vest was detected by the security forces who encircled him outside Baquba where he refused to surrender and detonated his explosive vest. 

The explosion caused no casualties among the security forces, a local source said at the time. 

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