UN Urges “Meaningful Dialogue” to End Political Crisis in Iraq
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UN Urges “Meaningful Dialogue” to End Political Crisis in Iraq

ERBIL — As the recent events demonstrated the rapid risk of escalation in the tense Iraqi politics, meaningful dialogue between all the parties is needed more than ever, said the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI). 

“While parties assert the importance of democratic basics such as constitutional compliance and respect for state institutions, these are increasingly not observed. Their failure to move forward has had a clear adverse effect on public trust,” reads a statement published on Wednesday by UNAMI.

It welcomed the calls for dialogue and stressed that all the stakeholders in the Iraqi politics are required to help de-escalate the situation as no party or group can claim that the crisis does not involve them or affect them.

“UNAMI welcomes recent calls for national dialogue, and commends the expressions of support from across the political spectrum. We appeal to all actors to commit, actively engage and agree on solutions without delay,” the statement added. 

“The need to find solutions through an all-inclusive dialogue is evident. In its absence, the state of Iraq will continue to be dominated by competing interests, leading to further instability, with the people paying the price.”

The UNAMI statement came after Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi renewed a call for dialogue between the Sadrist Movement, whose supporters have begun a sit-in protest inside the parliament since last Saturday, and the pro-Iran Shia factions of the Coordination Framework. 

However, soon after calls, Sadr said in a televised message that dialogue was not an option “because the people have already spoken their opinion.” The influential Shia cleric instructed his supporters to continue the sit-in until their demands are met, and made it clear that an early election was the only option. 

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