Iraqi Forces Kill Four IS Members, Including Suicide Bomber
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Iraqi Forces Kill Four IS Members, Including Suicide Bomber

ERBIL — Iraqi forces on Monday killed four Islamic State (IS) militants, among whom were also suicide bombers, a police officer said in a statement.

The four jihadists were killed in two separate operations carried out based on intelligence information in Salahaddin province, north of the capital Baghdad, Mohammed al-Bazi from the provincial police command told Xinhua.

A federal police force killed an IS suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt, and another detonated himself during a search operation in an area in west Samarra, about 120 km north of Baghdad.

Moreover, another suicide bomber escaped the scene during the search operation, Bazi pointed out, noting that the police have been to look for him in the surrounding areas.

A Hashd al-Shaabi statement said that its militiamen killed two IS militants during an operation conducted in north of Samarra, without giving more details.

Daquq Mayor Luis Fandi told BasNews on Monday night that Islamic State insurgents carried out a mortar attack against a unit of the Iraqi Army in the village of Khashandma in Daquq, south of Kirkuk, wounding one soldier and causing material damage to a vehicle.

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