Baghdad-appointed Governor of Kirkuk Deprives Kurds of Their Residential Cards
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Baghdad-appointed Governor of Kirkuk Deprives Kurds of Their Residential Cards

ERBIL — The Baghdad-appointed governor of Kirkuk, Rakan al-Jabouri, has decided to deprive the Kurds of their residential cards, according to a document.

In a letter issued on July 3, Jabouri has called on the headquarters of the Joint Operations Command in Kirkuk to "carry out a comprehensive campaign to all Kurdish citizen’s houses to check their food ration cards and compare them with their permanent residency situation throughout Kirkuk," as cited by Kurdistan 24.

According to the letter, the move was made as a prelude to canceling any residency card and ration card for the Kurds who do not reside in Kirkuk, the report added.

The Iraqi governor claimed that this step was taken "due to the requirements of the public interest and security reasons" and that committees from security forces and relevant departments will handle the campaign.

Describing the move as "chauvinistic decision", Fahmi Burhan, the head of the Kurdistan Region’s disputed areas board, strongly condemned Jubouri's decision, arguing that it violates coexistence, the law, as well as the constitution.

"This decision is not acceptable; It is not possible to remain silent about it, and all civil society organizations must act against it," Burhan added.

Kurdish political observers believe that this decision is part of a prolonged Arabization campaign against the Kurds in the disputed Kurdish areas.

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