Iraq Says Will Refurbish 24 Aircrafts to Re-enter Service
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Iraq Says Will Refurbish 24 Aircrafts to Re-enter Service

ERBIL — Iraq will refurbish 24 T-50 jets to return them to service within two years, the country's Air Force Command announced on Monday.

Speaking to Iraqi News Agency (INA), Shihab Jahid, the Commander of the Air Force, noted that there are 24 Korean-made T-50 jets of the fourth generation (Plus) which are the closest to the aircrafts of the fifth generation.

According to the Iraqi commander, the 24 aircrafts had been purchased from South Korea nearly nine years ago.

He further explained that the Air Force Command's priority is to refurbish these high-tech aircrafts to re-enter them to service, particularly since they are of high accuracy and enjoy modern technology.

"The Iraqi Air Force needs to have these aircrafts to carry out tasks related to securing the airspace of Iraq," Jahid stated.

He also confirmed the success of the first phase of the refurbishment plan as three jets fully returned to service, pointing out that eight aircrafts are expected to re-enter the service this year, the refurbishment of another eight jets is planned for 2023, and another eight will re-enter the service in 2024.

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