Coordination Framework Says Against Kadhimi's Possible Second Term
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Coordination Framework Says Against Kadhimi's Possible Second Term

ERBIL — The pro-Iran Coordination Framework has made it clear that it is against a possible second term for the current prime minister of Iraq, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, reports said on Saturday.

The remarks were made by Ayad al-Hilali, a Coordination Framework leader, as commenting on an upcoming visit by Kadhimi to neighboring Iran within the coming days, Iraqi reports said.

Halili noted that all parties within the Shia Framework have agreed not to choose Kadhimi to serve as the Iraqi prime minister for a second term, adding that the Coordination Framework is not under any pressure in this regard.

The Shia leader said that Iran may have different views in this regard, adding that Tehran might even support Kadhimi since he has been assisting Tehran and Riyadh to hold several rounds of direct talks to restore their relations.

However, Halili stressed that Iran's acceptance would not make a change to the position of the Coordination Framework about Kadhimi, saying: "It is not possible to accept the renewal."

An unnamed government source earlier today was cited by Iraqi News Agency (INA) as saying that Kadhimi would pay an official visit to Tehran this week, most likely on Sunday.

The source further explained that the Iraqi prime minister will also visit Saudi Arabia after ending his Tehran visit. He is believed to be stepping up the efforts to amend the relations between the two regional rivals.

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