Iran Agrees with EU to Resume Nuclear Deal Talks
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Iran Agrees with EU to Resume Nuclear Deal Talks

ERBIL — Iran has agreed with the European Union to resume nuclear deal talks with the United States in hopes of reviving the 2015 accord.

Josep Borrell, high Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian announced during a news conference following a “long but positive” talk on Saturday that they had agreed indirect talks between Tehran and Washington would be resumed within days in efforts to restore their 2015 nuclear deal.

The Iranian foreign minister pointed out that what matters for Tehran is that it will be able to enjoy the ful economic benefits that Iran was promised under the original accord.

"Whatever issue that can [negatively] impact Iran’s economic benefits will not be agreeable" for Iran and the government of President Ebrahim Raisi, he said, as cited by Al-Jazeera.

"We hope, specifically, that the American side will this time realistically and fairly engage in committed and responsible acts towards reaching the final point of an agreement."

Meanwhile, welcoming the resumption of the talks, Borrell said a restored nuclear deal would benefit the region and the world as well, expressing willingness to pay another return Iran in the future, presumably when US sanctions are lifted, to further discuss the "high potential" of expanding trade as well as energy relations between Iran and the EU.

According to Borrell, the new round of talks will be aimed at "resolving the last outstanding issues".

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