Iraqi MP Says Baghdad Should Pressure Tehran to Increase Gas Exports
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Iraqi MP Says Baghdad Should Pressure Tehran to Increase Gas Exports

ERBIL — An Iraqi lawmaker on Thursday said that Baghdad should pressure Tehran to increase its gas reports to Iraq, according to reports.

The comments were made by Khalid al-Daraji, head of the parliamentary energy committee, who pointed out that a spike in the Iranian gas exports is necessary for increasing the energy supply during the summer.

The lawmaker noted that Iranian gas exports to Iraq are not at a level the two neighboring countries previously agreed upon.

Earlier on Wednesday, the CEO of the National Iranian Oil Company said that Iran was ready to export technical as well as engineering services to Iraq, adding: "Iran wants to benefit from Iraq's participation in the development of the oil and gas industry."

Mohsen Khojastehmehr made the remarks at a meeting of the Joint Working Group on Iran-Iraq Oil Cooperation. He said that all the efforts have been aimed at taking steps in various fields of oil, gas and development of economic relations between the sides.

"It is time for Iran and Iraq to take practical steps to cooperate in the field of oil and gas activities and the scientific, technological and educational sectors," Khojastehmehr added.

This comes while the United States has already granted Iraq several sanctions waivers allowing the payment of electricity imports from Tehran, hoping that it would provide Iraq enough time to draw up plans to become less reliant on Iranian imports.

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