Peshmerga Delegation, Iraqi Army Discuss Joint Brigades
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Peshmerga Delegation, Iraqi Army Discuss Joint Brigades

US-led Coalition welcomed the progress 

ERBIL — A high-level delegation from Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga Ministry on Thursday held separate meetings with Iraqi military officials to discuss the long-promised joint brigades.

"Beneficial meetings afterward with the iraqi minister of defence & the ISF chief of staff Abdulameer Yaralla to discuss more military matters in the area in general," the Peshmerga Ministry said in a statement on Twitter.

According to the statement, the sides discussed "a variety of important" matters related to both the Peshmerga and Iraqi Army forces, including joint operations, military ranks, and trainings.

A separate statement cited Iraqi Defense Minister Juma Inad as saying that he is ready "for any cooperation" with the Peshmerga Ministry to strengthen the relations between the two ministries, adding that they have "one aim" which is to protect Iraqi and Kurdish civilians and their livelihoods.

Welcoming the move, the US-led Coalition to combat the Islamic State (IS) said: "Further integration & combined ops will ensure the safety and security of Iraq and the region as well as the enduring defeat of daesh."

"This is a further step toward strengthening long-term coordination & collaboration across Iraqi security & military institutions to jointly develop strong & integrated defense capabilities that Iraq needs to keep its citizens safe, secure & prosperous," the Global Coalition wrote on Twitter.

Although they are yet to go operational, the Kurdistan Region and Iraq have agreed to form two joint brigades with four joint military coordination centers in efforts to secure the areas disputed between the sides in Diyala, Salahaddin, Kirkuk, and Nineveh provinces.

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