Iraqi Parliament Sets First Extraordinary Session since Sadrists Resignation
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Iraqi Parliament Sets First Extraordinary Session since Sadrists Resignation

ERBIL — The Iraqi parliament on Tuesday announced the timetable for an extraordinary session to convene lawmakers for the first time since the resignation of the Sadrist Movement’s bloc.

Parliament presidency has invited the lawmakers to the session scheduled for Tuesday, June 23. 

The press release did not reveal the agenda of the meeting. However, it is expected to discuss the legal procedures to fill the seats left vacant after the Sadrist MP’s resigned earlier this month. 

Meanwhile, Shia politician and former prime minister Haider al-Abadi hosted the leaders of the Iran-backed Coordination Framework on Monday. After the meeting, the factions called on the legislature to step up efforts to replace the Sadrist MPs with new candidates. 

The political crisis in Iraq have deepened since the withdrawal of the largest parliamentary block which has left 73 seats empty and the formation of the new government unlikely. 

A leading figure of the Sadrist Movement said earlier this week that Muqtada al-Sadr has chosen to stay outside the political process in Iraq as he is not ready to make compromise with “the corrupts”. 

The efforts by the Sadrist Movement and its Kurdish and Sunni allies to form the new government of Iraq were repeatedly blocked by the pro-Iran factions. 

Sadr insisted on a “national-majority government” which excluded those who lost in the elections. Meanwhile, the Coordination Framework asked for a “consensus government” to have a role despite holding just nearly one-third of the parliament. 

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