PM Barzani Says KRG Able to Play a Role in Filling Regional Food and Energy Shortages
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PM Barzani Says KRG Able to Play a Role in Filling Regional Food and Energy Shortages

ERBIL — The Kurdistan Region has the capacity to fill the food and energy shortages in the region, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani said on Wednesday.

The prime minister made the remarks while speaking to Kurdish reporters in Davos, where he has held meetings with several world leaders on the sidelines of the annual summit of the World Economic Forum.

"To an extent, we can fill the food and energy shortages, at least in our region," he said.

The Kurdish prime minister noted that he is attending the world forum so to convey the perspective of the Kurdistan Region on the global issues being discussed in Davos.

"The companies that we have met expressed their desires to invest in the Kurdistan Region," he revealed, pointing out that they see a lot of investment opportunities in the region.

Others also seek to "benefit" from the the Kurdistan Region's experience in addressing numerous challenges in the past, from terrorism to financial crises, the Kurdish leader said.

PM Barzani earlier today held a meeting with Sigrid Kaag, the Minister of Finance and First Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands, with whom he discussed strengthening partnership in different areas of potential cooperation.

"We partner with the Netherlands on security, reform, and private sector growth," he wrote on Twitter after the meeting. "Sigrid Kaag and I spoke about micro-finance for startups, scholarships, and vocational training. Our people are our richest asset."

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