Rockets Hit Building of TV Station in Duhok
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Rockets Hit Building of TV Station in Duhok

ERBIL — At least two rockets on Tuesday hit the building of a Kurdish TV station in Zakho district of Duhok province, resulting in great material damage, an official said.

Speaking to BasNews, Halkawt Abdulwahid, Editor-in-Chief of Duhok TV and Radio station, pointed out that one of the rockets hit the tower of the station and caused serious material damage.

Denouncing the incident, Abdulwahid accused the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) of being behind the rocket attack.

Kurdistan 24 reported that it was not immediately known who was responsible for the attack but that an investigation has been launched into the insident.

No one has been hurt in today's rocket attack, according to the report.

However, no group or organization has so far claimed responsibility for the incident officially.

On May 16, the Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) said that it had thwarted a plot by a PKK-affiliated group to target the Peshmerga forces, dams, electricity infrastructures, water networks, and military positions of the Peshmerga Forces in Duhok province.

The KRSC added in an official statement that the "terrorist" group was planning to carry out rocket attacks against multiple targets, also including government buildings and political representation offices in Duhok province.

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