KRSC Responds to Iraqi Militia Threatening Statement
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KRSC Responds to Iraqi Militia Threatening Statement

ERBIL — The Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) has responded to a threatening statement by an Iraqi militia group, saying that any aggression against the Kurdistan Region will be responded firmly. 

A group named ‘Coordination Committee of the Iraqi Resistance’ threatened to attack the Kurdistan Region, accusing it of hosting foreign forces who work against the interests of Iraq. The accusation came just a day after the assassination of an Iranian colonel in Tehran. 

“An outlaw named the Coordination Committee of the Iraqi Resistance has made baseless accusations in a statement and threatened the Kurdistan Region. It is obvious who is behind emboldening of this group,” reads a statement by the KRSC. 

“These threatenings are not new,” the statement added, noting that these groups have previously carried out attacks throughout Iraq and the result has been only destruction and chaos. 

“Hereby, we make it clear that any aggression against the Kurdistan Region, which is a constitutional entity in Iraq, will have a heavy price. These groups have not learned from the history, otherwise they would have known that forces larger and better equipped than them have already failed breaking the morale of our people.”

The KRSC also emphasized that these groups, which operate outside the control of the state, threaten the security and stability of Iraq, and they are providing the atmosphere for terrorism and extremism to grow. 

It reminded that the Peshmerga Forces and the Iraqi Army are working together to fight terrorism, and these militia groups are busy with chaos and destruction. 

“The federal government is responsible to safeguard the sovereignty of Iraq and draw a line for these arbitrary actions,” the KRSC’s statement concluded. 

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