Second Attack in Hours: IS Kills Civilian, Wounds Others in Khanaqin
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Second Attack in Hours: IS Kills Civilian, Wounds Others in Khanaqin

ERBIL — Islamic State (IS) militants on Monday night stormed a civilian house in the disputed Kurdish district of Khanaqin, killing a man and wounding his wife and child.

The jihadists raided the house in Islah village of Jalawla town, Nihad Mohammed, a former spokesperson for Diyala Police, confirmed to BasNews, noting that the victim was identified as Adnan Othman.

"Further details on this attack of Daesh are not known yet, but after the attack of Daesh, forces of the Iraqi Army arrived in the village and clashes erupted between them," Mohammed explained, using an Arabic acronym for the IS.

This comes only a few hours after the Islamic State carried out an attack targeting civilians and Iraqi security forces in the disputed Kurdish province of Kirkuk.

Kurdistan Region’s Counter-Terrorism Service said in a statement at the time that the IS insurgents had set fire to a number of agricultural fields in Balldagh Dukishman, in Taza sub-district.

At least three members of the security forces and two civilians were killed as a result of the IS attack, the statement added.

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