Erbil Airport Suspends Flights Again
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Erbil Airport Suspends Flights Again

ERBIL — Erbil International Airport on Monday evening announced that all flights were suspended due to an intensive dust storm.

The administration of the airport said in a brief statement that the decision was made due to low visibility on the runways as an intense wave of a dust storm had engulfed several cities in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq since Sunday.

Ahmed Hoshyar, Director of Erbil International Airport, told BasNews on Monday morning that all flights to and from the airport had been halted for the same reason, noting that flights will be resumed once the weather condition is suitable and safe again.

However, three hours later, the airport said that it had resumed flights and that the operation was normal.

This is the ninth wave of dust storm hitting Iraq and the Kurdistan Region since January. The Iraqi government yesterday announced that all public offices will be closed while flights would be suspended due to the storm expected to continue until Tuesday afternoon.

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