Turkey Says PKK Commander on “Most-Wanted” List Killed in Makhmour
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Turkey Says PKK Commander on “Most-Wanted” List Killed in Makhmour

ERBIL — Turkey said on Monday that a senior commander of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) was “neutralized” in an airstrike last Saturday in Makhmour Camp, north of Kirkuk. 

A Turkish security source cited by Anadolu Agency identified the PKK commander in question as Mehmet Erdogan, codenamed Ahmet Rubar. 

The source added that Rubar had directed and overseen the PKK operations in the northern areas of Makhmur, Sulaymaniyah, and Kirkuk since 2021. He used a fake ID card under the name Haji Mirza Ali, the source revealed. 

The report noted that the PKK commander was on the most-wanted list since 1990s for his involvement in attacks against Turkey. 

On Saturday, 21 May, a Turkish drone strike targeted a PKK vehicle inside Makhmour Camp, killing and injuring several people, according to local officials who spoke to BasNews at the time. 

It was the second Turkish airstrike that day. A few hours earlier, another vehicle was hit by a drone strike near Chamchamal district of Kurdistan, west of Sulaymaniyah. It left five people killed. 

Authorities said later that three of the men were members of the PKK and the other two were residents of a nearby village. 

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