Turkey Drops Leaflets over PKK Bases in Kurdistan to Encourage Laying Down Arms
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Turkey Drops Leaflets over PKK Bases in Kurdistan to Encourage Laying Down Arms

ERBIL — Turkish military planes on Monday dropped leaflets over the border areas of the Kurdistan Region where the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fighters are stationed, urging them to leave the party and “return to a normal life”. 

According to local sources speaking to Kurdistan 24, the leaflets were dropped in the mountains around Hirure village of Duhok province. 

Written in Kurdish Kurmanci dialect mostly spoken by the Kurds from Turkey, the leaflets showed photographs of PKK fighters previously reuniting with their families, and those being treated by Turkish forces after suffering injuries. 

The leaflets also accused PKK leaders of hiding in safe areas while sending their fighters to the battlefield to sacrifice them. 

“Living in the caves is not your destiny,” reads one of the leaflets, adding that the PKK fighters have the chance to abandon the party and enjoy living with their families without fearing punishment. 

“Not death, but life is what you should choose,” reads another message. 

However, this is not the first time Turkey sends a message to the PKK fighters through leaflets. Previous reports confirmed that similar leaflets were found in the region earlier this year in January. 

Turkey and the PKK are locked in a decades-long armed conflict, with tens of thousands killed on both the sides and many more displaced in Turkey, Syria, and the Kurdistan Region.

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