Bombing Kills Iraqi Policeman, Wounds Three in Diyala
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Bombing Kills Iraqi Policeman, Wounds Three in Diyala

ERBIL — A bomb explosion on Monday killed one Iraqi policeman and wounded three others in the province of Diyala, a spokesperson said.

The incident took place in Abu Khanazir village of Sharaban district where a roadside bomb targeted a convoy of the Diyala Rapid Response Regiment, killing one policeman, and injuring three others, including a colonel, former Diyala Police spokesperson Nihad Mohammed told BasNews.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bomb attack, but the Islamic State (IS) remains the main suspect.

Meanwhile on Monday, Iraqi security forces found the dead body of a shepherd in the disputed Kurdish district of Tuz Khurnatu, only hours after he was abducted by a group of unidentified men.

Hussein Ali, chief of Tuz Khurnatu Police, confirmed the report to BasNews at the time and noted that the body was found in an area between the villages of Chardaghli and Bostamli in the sub-district of Amirli.

The Islamic State previously kidnapped a number of shepherds in the region, many of whom were executed by the jihadist group after the families of the abductees failed to pay ransom.

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