Sadr Slams “Politicized Rulings” by Iraq’s Supreme Federal Court
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Sadr Slams “Politicized Rulings” by Iraq’s Supreme Federal Court

ERBIL — Iraq’s influential cleric and the leader of Sadrist Movement, Muqtada Al-Sadr, said on Monday that his country’s Supreme Federal Court is making politicized decisions under the influence of the so-called “obstructing one-third” of the parliament. 

Sadr made the remarks in a televised speech during which he did not hide his frustration with the Shia rivals which are known for close ties with Iran, saying that his part “will never” strike a deal with them. 

The statement came a day after Sadr announced his party’s transition to the national opposition for the next 30 days, saying other parties have the chance now to form the next government. 

Meanwhile, it coincided with the Supreme Federal Court’s decision to bloc the Food Security Bill of the current government from reaching the parliament for ratification, saying the caretaker government is not allowed to submit bills. 

“It comes with no surprise that the obstructing one-third prevents the formation of the majority government… but it has now reached a level that they bloc passing laws which would serve the interests of the people,” the Shia cleric said. 

“They [the Coordination Framework] claim that the majority government is not in people’s interest, and, meanwhile, they reject the current government,” he added to question the Coordination Framework’s intention by this policy. 

Seven months after the parliamentary elections, Iraq is yet to form the new government as the political divisions prevent the two-third of the parliament from convening to elect the new president and nominate the prime minister. 

Meanwhile, Sadr insists on “the majority government” to be formed with his Kurdish and Sunni allies, vowing to prevent “the corrupts” from assuming power again. He has made it clear on multiple occasions that a deal with the Iran-backed Coordination Framework is not an option as the idea of forming a “consensus government” will never materialize. 

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