Iranian Forces Arrest Seven Kurdish Civilians on Kurdistan Region Border
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Iranian Forces Arrest Seven Kurdish Civilians on Kurdistan Region Border

ERBIL — Iranian border guards on Sunday arrested seven civilians in the Qandil mountainous areas of Pishdar, north of Sulaymaniyah, a local official confirmed. 

The seven men are residents of the villages near Sangasar who walked along the border in search of spring plants which locals often sell in the markets for an income, Sangasar Mayor Nahro Abdullah told BasNews. 

“We are in contact with our superiors and the Iranian authorities to release and repatriate the arrestees soon,” Abdullah said. 

This comes a few days after Iranian border guards opened fire at another Kurdish civilian in the same area. Local authorities said at the time that the man had sustained injuries and he was transferred to the hospital. 

Abdullah explained that the incidents are mainly due to the sensitivity of Iranian border guards when locals approach the border strip. 

Last week, Iranian artilleries heavily bombarded the mountains of Choman district in northeast Erbil province, forcing schools in the region to send students home and warn civilians to remain cautious. 

The bombardment was, according to Iranian reports, targeted the positions of the Iranian Kurdish opposition forces. However, the parties later denied having any military installations in those areas. 

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