Fire Burns Tents of Seven IDP Families in Khanke Camp of Duhok
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Fire Burns Tents of Seven IDP Families in Khanke Camp of Duhok

ERBIL — Seven tents of internally displaced families in Khanke Camp of Duhok province were burned on Sunday in a fire incident, police said. 

The families have lost almost their entire belongings but no one was hurt in the incident, Duhok Police Spokesperson Bewar Aziz told BasNews. 

Firefighter crews soon arrived at the site and prevented the expansion of the fire which, according to preliminary investigations, was caused by an electrical short circuit. 

Khanke camp near Semel district of Duhok is home to over 14,000 IDPs, making up nearly 2,700 families. 

In mid April this year, a similar fire incident in Cham Mishko Camp, where Yezidi IDP families are living, burned three tents, killing one person and leaving another with injuries. 

Nearly five years after Iraq announced victory over the Islamic State (IS), there still are over 900,000 IDPs and refugees across the Kurdistan Region, the majority of who are residing in Duhok camps and local host communities. 

The recent violence between the Iraqi Army and the armed groups affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) also forced another 10,000 Yezidis to escape their homes in Sinjar and once again return to the IDP camps of the Kurdistan Region. 

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