Senior Iraqi Security Officials Visit Disputed Kurdish Town of Makhmour
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Senior Iraqi Security Officials Visit Disputed Kurdish Town of Makhmour

ERBIL — A senior security delegation from Baghdad arrived in Makhmour on Saturday to inspect the situation and military operations against Islamic State (IS) remnants. 

Accompanied by several senior commanders, Chief of Staff of the Army Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Yarallah and Director of Military Intelligence at the Defense Ministry, arrived in the disputed Kurdish town in northwest of Kirkuk, an official statement said. 

Lt. Gen. Yarallah urged the local commanders to ramp up intelligence operations in the region and locate remaining IS militants often hiding in the mountainous areas of Qarachogh. 

“He ordered planning precision strikes on terrorist hideouts in Qarachogh mountain and the surroundings of Makhmour, for which the air force is ready to help,” according to the statement. 

Approximately 65 kilometers to the southwest of Erbil, Makhmour has been under the control of the Iraqi forces since 2017. Nearly five years since Iraq announced victory over IS, the town continues to suffer from frequent terrorist attacks. 

The Kurdistan Region blames a security vacuum in the area in the absence of the Peshmerga Forces. Meanwhile, Erbil and Baghdad have established joint military coordination centers with the support of the US-led Global Coalition to address security concerns in the disputed territories. 

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