Five People Killed in Family Feud near Erbil: Police
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Five People Killed in Family Feud near Erbil: Police

ERBIL — Family feud which led to armed confrontation on Friday evening left five people killed in Khabat district of Erbil, police said. 

At around 19:30 (Erbil time), police was notified about a violent fire exchange in Kawrraban village of Khabat where two brothers and their children clashed over land disputes, according to a statement by Erbil police. 

It confirmed that five people were killed and two others were injured. Police later put the injured under custody for involvement in the violence. 

An investigation is under way now and security forces are deployed to the area to prevent any further clashes. 

BasNews has learned that one side of the feud had previously left the village. They recently returned to claim the ownership of a land which was disputed by the second party. 

Armed clashes between people are not unusual in the Kurdistan Region despite the government’s ongoing efforts to end possession of unlicensed weapons by people. 

A day early, at least one person was killed and several others were wounded in Sulaymaniyah during a fire exchange in the center of the city over land ownership.

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