IS Snipers Wound Iraqi Soldier in Tuz Khurnatu
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IS Snipers Wound Iraqi Soldier in Tuz Khurnatu

ERBIL — Islamic State (IS) snipers on Wednesday night carried out an attack against the Iraqi Army forces in Tuz Khurnatu, Salahaddin province, leaving one soldier wounded.

Chief of Tuz Khurnatu Police Hussein Ali confirmed the report to BasNews and said the snipers targeted the 3rd Brigade of the Iraqi Army in Zarga area of Tuz Khurnatu.

A soldier was shot in the head, the police official said, noting that he was transferred to a local public hospital.

According to the information BasNews has obtained, the Iraqi forces responded to the attack and clashes erupted between the sides, with no further details available in this regard at the moment.

Last night, Kurdish residents in Mansoor village of Haftaghaz area, south of Kirkuk province, repelled an IS attack.

Hiwa Rashid, a Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official in Daquq, spoke to BasNews of the incident and explained eight IS militants attacked a military unit in the village which was guarded by local volunteers.

However, the attack resulted in the wounding of one person, the Kurdish official said, noting the locals took arms and clashed with the militants before a force of the Iraqi Army arrived.

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