PHOTO | Turkish Artillery Shelling Hits Civilian House in NE Syria
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PHOTO | Turkish Artillery Shelling Hits Civilian House in NE Syria

ERBIL — A Turkish artillery shelling on Monday hit a civilian house in northwest of the Syrian Kurdish city of Hasakah, injuring a young girl, a monitoring group said. 

The shelling in Tel Tamr and Abu Rasin began early hours on Monday, also causing remarkable damage to the property, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said. 

The report also stated that a large number of locals have begun vacating the area due to the intensifying bombardments, especially in Khadrawi village in Abu Rasin/Zarkan area. 

“Turkish shelling also hit the vicinity of Tel Tamr town and the villages of Tel Shannan, Tel Tawil Assyria, Al-Dardarah, and Umm Al-Kif,” the human rights watchdog added. 

“Moreover, Turkish forces have fired heavy weapons and mortar shells on Zarkan district and its countryside, the centre of the district, and the villages of Asadiyah, Khadrawi, Dada Abdal, Rabi’at, and Khirbet Shair.”

Meanwhile, Turkish drones were reportedly observed hovering over the area. 

The SOHR also published photographs purportedly showing the aftermath of the shelling at the targeted house which has sustained remarkable damage. 

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