Bombing Kills, Wounds Three Iraqi Soldiers in Khanaqin
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Bombing Kills, Wounds Three Iraqi Soldiers in Khanaqin

ERBIL — A bomb explosion on Saturday resulted in the killing and wounding of three Iraqi soldiers in the disputed Kurdish district of Khanaqin, an official confirmed.

The explosion targeted a convoy of the Iraqi Army forces in Qara Tapa, Khanaqin district, leaving one soldier killed and two others injured, Qara Tapa Mayor Wasfi Timemi told BasNews.

Although no group or organization has yet claimed responsibility for the bombing, the Islamic State (IS) remains the main suspect to be behind the attack.

There has been a spike in the jihadist group's terrorist activities in Khanaqin and other disputed areas lately.

Last Thursday, a bombing, caused by an improvised explosive device (IED) and believed to have been planted by IS militants, wounded six Iraqi soldiers in Zarga region near Tuz Khurmatu, north of Diyala province, Tuz Khurmatu Police Chief Brigadier General Hussein Ali told BasNews at the time.

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