Three Iraqi MPs Survive Assassination Attempt in Baghdad
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Three Iraqi MPs Survive Assassination Attempt in Baghdad

ERBIL — Three members of the Iraqi Parliament on Monday night survived an assassination attempt in central Baghdad, media reports cited security sources. 

MP Muhammed Fazil Dilemi, from the Sunni Siyada Alliance, MP Ali Sa’di and MP Hissam Sa’di, from the Sadrist Movement, were on their way to attend a sport event in Rashidiyya district when unidentified armed men opened fire at their motorcade.

The personal protection guards of the lawmakers swiftly responded to the attack and the assailants escaped the scene, the reports said. 

No one was hurt but several vehicles were damaged with rounds of bullets. 

MP Dilemi confirmed the reports in a statement published on his official Facebook page, saying the motivation behind the attack is not known yet but police has begun investigating the incident. 

It comes amid a political deadlock in the process of new government formation which has deepened the crack among the Shia factions, especially those allied with Iran and the Sadrist Movement. 

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