KDP, Sunnis Reaffirm Alliance with Sadrist Movement
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KDP, Sunnis Reaffirm Alliance with Sadrist Movement

ERBIL — The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Sunni Siyada coalition have reaffirmed alliance with the Shia Sadrist Movement after the recent developments signaling a prolonged political deadlock in Iraq. 

The Kurdish and Sunni parties issued the joint statement after Muqtada Al-Sadr said the Iran-backed Shia factions of the Coordination Framework will have 40 days to negotiate with other parties except the Sadrist Movement, and form the next government of Iraq. 

The KDP and Siyada Coalition praised Sadr’s initiative and interpret it as a move to help resolve the political deadlock in Iraq, but reaffirmed that they will remain committed to the tripartite alliance. 

They emphasized that any future government without the Sadrist Movement, which has the largest number of parliamentary seats, will not be a strong one. 

The Kurdish and Sunni Arab parties, meanwhile, have called for a national dialogue to address the current political differences without allowing foreign interferences.

Sadr’s initiative came after the Coordination Framework blocked the election of the new president of Iraq for the third time by preventing the convention of two-third of the MPs.

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