Iraqi Army Unable to Fill Security Vacuum in Disputed Areas without Peshmerga: Official
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Iraqi Army Unable to Fill Security Vacuum in Disputed Areas without Peshmerga: Official

ERBIL — The Iraqi Army is not able to fill the security gap in the territories disputed between Erbil and Baghdad without the help of Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga forces, an official argued on Sunday.

Speaking to Kurdistan 24 after a meeting between an Iraqi security delegation and Peshmerga commanders in Kirkuk on Sunday, Abdul Khaliq Tal’at, Kurdistan’s representative at the Iraqi Joint Operations Command, said securing the disputed areas would also require the participation of the Peshmerga fighters as the Iraqi Army cannot do the task on its own.

He further stressed the importance of joint operations in those areas, adding that the previous campaigns to fight IS remnants have been “very important”.

A security delegation, led by the Deputy Commander of Joint Operations, Lieutenant-General Abdul-Amir al-Shammari, and accompanied by the Commander of the Land Forces and the Commander of the Federal Police, arrived in Kirkuk earlier the day to meet with Peshmerga commanders.

According to the information BasNews has obtained, the discussions were mainly focused on closer security cooperations in facing a rapid surge in the Islamic State (IS) terrorist activities in Iraq and neighboring Syria, where the insurgents attacked a prison last week and sparked the beginning of a possibly new security crisis for the whole region.

In a recent attack, the Islamic State killed 11 Iraqi soldiers in Diyala province. The Iraqi Security Media Cell announced yesterday that the country's air power had killed nine IS jihadists in the same province in revenge for last week's deadly attack.

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