PM Barzani Condemns 'Terror Attack’ on Baghdad Airport
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PM Barzani Condemns 'Terror Attack’ on Baghdad Airport

ERBIL — Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani has strongly condemned Friday's "terror" attack on Baghdad International Airport.

"I condemn today’s terror attacks on Baghdad International Airport in the strongest terms, and urge Iraqi leaders to unanimously do the same," the Kurdish prime minister wrote on Twitter.

Early morning on Friday, six rockets were fired at Baghdad International Airport, causing damages to one passenger plane as well as to the airfield, according to the latest updates.

PM Barzani added in his Twitter statement: "The repeated attacks, including on Erbil International Airport in the past threaten the country, its peoples and our shared security."

Following the incident, the Iraqi Security Media Cell issued a statement and noted that such attacks attempt to undermine the government’s efforts to restore Iraq’s regional role.

It also pointed out that today's rocket attack was carried out by “non-state terrorist gangs” who wished to target Iraqi government’s capabilities.

"This terrorist act seeks to undermine the government's effort to restore Iraq's regional role, impede the efforts of Iraqi Airways to be at the forefront of countries in the field of transport and air navigation, and raise the challenges of its work," reads the online statement.

During a search operation carried out after the attack, security forces found three rockets on a launchpad in Abu Ghraib district.

The rocket attack was also condemned by Kurdistan Region Presidency and the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) who expressed concerns over the “dangerous precedent”.

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