Baghdad Airport Attack an Attempt to Undermine Iraq’s Regional Role: Government
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Baghdad Airport Attack an Attempt to Undermine Iraq’s Regional Role: Government

ERBIL — The rocket attack on Baghdad International Airport on Friday was an attempt to undermine government’s efforts to restore Iraq’s regional role, said a statement by the country’s military. 

At dawn today, six rockets targeted Baghdad International Airport and hit at least one passenger plane without causing any casualties. The airport is home to Camp Victory where US and Coalition military advisors satay. 

Iraq’s Security Media Cell said the attack was carried out by “non-state terrorist gangs” who wished to target Iraqi government’s capabilities. 

“This terrorist act seeks to undermine the government's effort to restore Iraq's regional role, impede the efforts of Iraqi Airways to be at the forefront of countries in the field of transport and air navigation, and raise the challenges of its work,” reads the online statement. 

Soon after the attack, Security Media Cell said, a search operation was kicked off and three rockets were found on a launch pad in Abu Ghraib district. Explosives squad of the army removed the rockets safely and collected fingerprints. 

Efforts are ongoing to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice, it added. 

Kurdistan Region Presidency and the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) immediately condemned the attack and expressed concerns over the “dangerous precedent”.  

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